Jamie, RYT-200 and Co-Owner of Kula Yoga and Wellness


I began practicing yoga in 2009 with the intention of becoming stronger.  It didn’t take long to realize that I would gain much more than physical strength from this transformational practice.  While the challenge of the physical practice is still a big part of what motivates me to get on my mat; the deeper, more subtle benefits of the practice are what have really changed me as a person.  I aim to bring this experience to my teaching, offering my students a physically invigorating practice while also introducing some of the real juiciness that comes with breathing exercises, meditation, and energy work.  I love teaching all levels of yoga-- It is very rewarding to make yoga accessible to someone who previously thought they couldn’t do yoga and at the same time there is great energy and fun in working with more advanced students on deepening their practice.  I am a mom, yoga teacher, mental health therapist, and now a Pickerington business owner.  Needless to say, I generally have a lot going on in my life.  Getting on my yoga mat is my way to escape from the chaos of life. It’s my opportunity to just be in my body and to nurture myself.  I opened Kula Yoga and Wellness in Pickerington Ohio to create a space for others to do the same.

Robyn, RYT-200 and Co-Owner of Kula Yoga and Wellness


My belief that a mind-body balance is necessary for overall well-being is the foundation of my approach to yoga. By emphasizing the connections between breath, visualization, and movement, I tailor yoga classes to meet the needs of my students. A student of yoga since 2003, I became a teacher in 2008 after completing the 200-hour teacher training program under the supervision of Laurel Hodory in Columbus, Ohio. I have since taught yoga in a variety of settings and styles and continue to further my own learning by taking yoga workshops, classes, and developing my home practice. I appreciate and value yoga's teachings of staying present and practicing mindfulness and acceptance. I strive to challenge students in Pickerington Ohio to tune into their bodies, observe what is taking place, and seek balance both on and off the mat.