Class Descriptions



Hatha: Level 1. Ideal for students who prefer a gentle and slower practice while challenging their concentration, balance, and strength.

Slow Flow: Level 1-2. A great bridge between hatha and flow. This class introduces slow, mindful, flow sequences into the practice and ends with deep stretches and relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow: Level 2. An intermediate class for students who aim to push their edge. Expect exciting flow sequences and the opportunity to play with more challenging poses before slowing down with deep stretches and relaxation.

Quick Flow: Level 2. A great way to spend your lunch break! 45 minutes of sweaty flow. Expect to challenge your strength, stamina, and flexibility in this class.

Power Flow: Level 2-3. This practice is appropriate for students who are very familiar with yoga and want a rigorous, fast paced practice. Expect challenging sequences, arm balances, and inversions.

Yin: Level 1. A great way to wind down in the evening and treat yourself! This practice is slow and deep, allowing your body to deeply release into poses using the support of props.

Restorative: Level 1. A gentle and relaxing practice. Poses are often supported by yoga props to aid in deep relaxation for the body and mind. Postures are generally held for approximately 5 minutes to savor the opening and relaxing in the muscles.

Flow Yoga Basics: Level 1-2. A more challenging beginner class for students to learn postures, flow sequences, breathwork, and relaxation.

Sekoia™: Level 2. A multi-sensory yoga experience. Your body, mind and spirit will be uplifted and energized. This holistic class integrates smooth vinyasa flows with music, essential oils, meditation, restorative poses and reiki. This class will restore balance and awaken a deeper connection to yourself and your body.  

Karma Yoga. This class is donation based/pay what you can. All proceeds will go to a cause chosen each month by you! Our staff will rotate teaching this class and offering whatever type of yoga is calling to them. All levels welcome! *Cash donations only please*